Kimberly Kulesa is a USDF Bronze, Sliver, and Gold medalist. She coaches horses and riders to reach their individual goals and helps maximize their potential. Her students have been top in Hawaii, California and USDF year end award winners through the FEI levels.

Every year since 1985, her riders have competed and won USDF HOY year end awards at all levels. She and her students have earned countless HCTA championships from Training to Grand Prix. She has trained numerous horses to Grand Prix and dozens more through the various FEI levels. Those who have influenced early training and those she has studied with include Kyra Kyrklund, Dr. Reiner Klimke, Christina Stuckelburger, Tom Poulin,  Albert Gesierich,  Herbert Lange,  and Linda Tellington Jones, USA. Current influences include- Christine Traurig,  Steffan Peters, and David Hunt and Jan Ebeling.